Sunday, 2 August 2015

Melbourne Shopping

A different trip this year. I managed to do some shopping but was running on half power. An exhausting two weeks leading up to flying out, coupled with extreme dehydration and a 2kg weight loss resulted in my blacking out on the descent into Melbourne.

I was tended to for over half an hour by Air New Zealand crew and two sets of paramedics (all amazing), put on oxygen, wheeled off the plane and placed under observation at the medical centre at Melbourne Airport. I couldn't speak or walk. A visit to a GP a couple of days later (to get clearance to fly home on the 31st) revealed the cause of the issue.

I have never been a big drinker - especially water - but I drank steadily and regularly all week! H20 is my new best friend! The flight home was uneventful, thank God. I am now getting into a habit of drinking water and my natural thirst is slowly returning after many years!

I did manage to pick up a few goodies, so I'm happy. A lovely collection of classic pieces to add into my wardrobe. See below. Paul and I also ate at a new amazing restaurant in Melbourne for his birthday on the 29th - Cutler & Co. Check it out if you're ever in Melbourne!

Camilla Coat - Black

Isabel Pant, BLACK, hi-res

Katy Pinstripe Scarf, NAVY, hi-res


Image 1 of SKINNY JEANS from Zara
(Also from Zara: a tan faux leather tote bag and a basic black blazer.)

Saturday, 18 July 2015

We Bought a House

On Wednesday morning, Paul and I bought a new house at auction here in Auckland.

Anyone who tells you that the Auckland property market is overpriced and impossible is right. It's taken us almost three years to find a home we love as much as our current house. Now we are very focussed on selling ours!

The new house is in our current suburb, about five minutes drive from where we live now. It's an Edwardian villa, about twice the size of our wee 1880s cottage and fully renovated. It's painted in a crisp white colour throughout; a real change from our current soft beiges. Here are a few pictures:






It's too soon to think seriously about decor but we already have some ideas. Luckily, we like 80% of the house but plan to make some small changes. The bathrooms are not to our taste and there are a few other minor things we will change but on the whole, it's stunning. And, Paul finally gets his double garage!

And I get a walk-in wardrobe/dressing room! It's actually the smallest bedroom in the house but it's perfect for what I have planned. I'm already pinning ideas to my Pinterest board! This is a project I'll definitely keep you posted on. Clothes shopping may take a back seat for a while!

Monday, 13 July 2015

A Birthday, A Shopping Plan

Jody, turning 3 (1974). Comfy pants and slippers is still my off-duty look!

You might have noticed my profile now says I'm 44. My birthday was on Saturday July 11. I am truly loving my forties. I look and feel better than I ever did in my thirties or twenties! It's true that you really do come into your own around this age. I had a lovely birthday weekend. My sister Tanya was staying with us - a real bonus. It was a bittersweet one; we had a family bereavement early last week which has shocked us all but we are supporting each other.

In two weeks I will be in Melbourne celebrating Paul's 60th. (For two weeks of the year we are only 15 years apart in age). It'll be cold - we've only been there in July once before (for my 40th) but I am sure the cafes and shops will keep me warm.

I have a very succinct wish list for this year's Melbourne trip:

Black Blazer
Point-toe Heels
Black Wool Coat
Black Cigarette Trousers for Work

Yes, a lot of black. But when in Melbourne, one wears black!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Friday, 26 June 2015

My Go-To Pieces: Part 2 - Citizens of Humanity Jeans

Citizens of Humanity (CoH) Avedon and Arielle skinny blue jeans.

Where From
In New Zealand, you can buy CoH from Fabric. Online, there are many options but for free shipping Shopbop and Revolve Clothing are best.

Expect to pay around NZ$290.00 full price for Avedon and around $315.00 for Arielle.

The Avedon low-rise skinny was my introduction to CoH jeans, about two years ago. I took a real leap of faith. Finally getting my weight under control, I wanted a pair of designer jeans so after a bit of research, chose the Avedon. I like my skinnies to sit on the ankle and these are the perfect length. I own two pairs in slightly different mid-blue washes ('Cannes' and 'Cruz'). I later added a pair of Arielle mid-rise skinnies to my collection (in 'Weekender' wash).

Why they Work
Of the two styles, the Avedon has thinner, softer fabric and a much lower rise than the Arielle. They are so incredibly comfy for jeans and they have held their shape very well despite my wearing them a great deal. The wash goes with everything, and the cut of the rear is amazingly flattering. The most versatile and hard-working jeans I own and so worth the money.

The Arielle cut is mid-rise which at first took a bit of getting used to. Not high-rise like mom jeans but definitely not low-rise. The fabric is slightly thicker than the Avedon but still soft and comfortable. Shorter in the leg than the Avedon. Again, like the Avedon, just a cool and versatile jean. Cut well on the butt and legs and CoH has (in my opinion) the best range of mid-blue washes that work with everything.

Buying Tips
I wear a size 32 which is a perfect NZ 14. I have a tummy and no butt but both the Avedon and Arielle work well for my shape. Go for your normal size. If you are super tall (I'm 5' 10" with long legs) and want a full-leg length, these are not the jeans for you.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

New Zealand Gets FCUKd

Forgive the title of this post (crass but irresistible).

After weeks of keeping my beady eye on Nuffield Street, on my Tuesday morning coffee walk I noticed that the French Connection store fit-out is finally underway. The website says that the store will be open in June 2015. A month later than the hype earlier this year suggested, but underway. My Air NZ Kia Ora magazine a couple of weeks ago said that the store opened in May! No doubt newsletter subscribers will receive an email announcing the grand opening.

The arrival of French Connection comes hot on the heels of two other international brands (Topshop and Seed Heritage). This is great news for the NZ fashionista, and a good shake up for some tired local brands (Glassons and Max I'm looking at you).

So what does French Connection have to offer the 40-plus woman? A lot as it happens. And their sizing goes up to a NZ 16. FCUK is more about casual wear, but some items can be interpreted as work wear with some imagination. Here are my picks from the current collection. All prices in AUD:

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Getting Some Inspiration

Since late last year I have been working from home three days a week. I'm fortunate in having a career (and an employer) that makes this possible. Although I love the flexibility and work/life balance, there has been one surprising down-side.

I have only two days in which to dress for work (and one of those days is casual Friday).

I know I have a choice. I could go into the office more. But the benefits of my arrangement far outweigh any negatives. To be honest, I have found it harder and harder to get outfit inspiration and I'm certainly not shopping as much as I once did. Add to that the fact that Sara (my photographer) has been unavailable for outfit shoots since the start of the year!

I follow many fashion blogs but most are curated by younger women (based in the US) so whilst I enjoy them, I rarely get inspired to recreate those outfits. And many items are brands that do not ship to New Zealand.

After last weekend with my sister, and perusing the stores (which I haven't done in a while), I decided to open my mind and be inspired by fashion once more. I thought I would start with the Pinterest board I started a while back. Many of these outfits I could recreate using items I currently own...

Grey sweatshirt under leather jacket with blue skinnies and heels

Chambray shirt and loose bun

White and black

Leather pants, stripes and tan sandals

Slouchy but polished

Spring outfit/full pants/structured top


Sandra Bullock in Michael Kors | Tom & Lorenzo