Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Stripes and Skinnies

Top: Country Road | Jeans: Country Road | Shoes: Superga | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze' in Black
All Images © Copyright Sara Mole

Sunday, 14 December 2014


So the last few days here in Auckland have been cold, windy and rainy. So I have had no chance to show off my tan and pedicure. And as I had such as light shade, it is already fading...

I am keen to try the spray tan again so I will be tan and fabulous this Summer (even if it takes a while to drop this pesky weight!). x

Friday, 12 December 2014

Beauty Adventure

Last night I treated myself to a long-overdue pedicure, eyebrow shape and a new treatment: a spray tan.

After three months of no exercise at the end of Winter, I find myself looking a bit pasty and spongey. I decided to try getting a quick burst of colour to make me feel a bit better about my body while I get back in shape.

If you've never had a spray tan, there are several shades of tint and they can also customise it by spraying you once or more times to achieve the desired effect. I opted for the lightest shade and only a single layer to the face and two layers to the body.

I've been seeing Tracey-Maree at Forme Spa in Parnell for years (although in the last two years, not as often as she would like!). I decided to go with someone I trust, rather than at one of those general spray tanning places. Tracey-Maree was actually worried that I would think the result was too pale! But she totally understood that I needed to start there and make a call about whether to go darker next time.

Today after work I went swimsuit shopping and believe me, having some colour makes it a lot easier. I think that the shade is perfect for me although I might go slightly darker on the legs next time. It looks so even and the colour looks natural. I will definitely do it again!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Back on that Treadmill

Yesterday and today I started running on the treadmill at the gym. Adopting a 'soft' low-impact stance to reduce bounce and going at a slow jogging pace, I did about five three-minute intervals. It felt great, and wow what a difference being a C cup makes. My wee Nike sports bra is amazing. And only $50! I used to spend $130 on sports bras!

Glad to say that so far, the surgery was worth it. Now, I can finally concentrate on losing this 4kg of weight I gained during my recuperation!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Gregory: Purchases

A few weeks ago I finally felt up to bricks-and-mortar shopping so I headed to Gregory to peruse their SS14/15 collection that I blogged about a while back. I tried on lots of items but in the end I bought the same top in different colours (azure blue and black). Oddly, I can only find an image of the blue version on the Gregory site:

Cortez Top

Regular readers know how rarely I buy clothes featuring colour. But this blue is stunning and a new discovery for me. The tops are in slightly different fabrics, but cut in the same shape. I bought the blue in a size 14 and the black in a size 12. The black version has a slight sheen to the fabric, while the blue one is more matte. It looks like a denim chambray in the photo, but it's not.

These tops represent the best in separates dressing for work. They're elegant but modern, intricate but simple and oh so wearable. They do have linen and rayon in the fabric mix which means they're prone to creasing, so I need to tuck the back folds under my bum when I sit. Outfit photos to come soon!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Shirt: Saba | Jeans: Zara | Shoes: Top End | Bracelet: Veronica B | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Deep Freeze' in Black
All Images © Copyright Sara Mole

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Getting There

So I have put on 4kg since I stopped exercising in early September due to my surgery.

I went back to the gym three weeks ago but caused myself some issues with my incisions so had to rest up again. I was back there twice this week and so far, so good. Just light exercise that involves no upper-body movement.

Obviously, the last thing I wanted pre-Summer is to gain weight after working so hard to get down to 75kg this year and maintaining it longer than I ever have. But, I guess I just have to be patient and do what I can.

So, outfit posts might be a little light over the coming couple of months. My clothes are fitting, but not flattering in many cases! I will do what I can. x